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Saturday, July 7, 2007


When my son was in third grade, he learned a number of different biofeedback techniques to help him relax and reduce his pain. A psychologist who specialized in pain management worked with him one hour a week for a couple of months.

He was taught how to visualize a pleasant setting by thinking about the sights and sounds of a particular locale.

He was also taught how to rub his hands together in order to bring the flow of blood to his hands rather than his head. This was called "Hot Hands."

She also taught him deep breathing, how to make his body feel loose and relaxed like a rag doll and something called "Tense and Release." My son would tense a part of his body and then try to sustain a relaxed state after releasing the tension.

As with other remedies mentioned in this blog, they must be tried by each individual to determine what works.

To learn more about relaxation techniques go to this link.

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