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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sleep - The Perfect Remedy

I call sleep our bodies' natural reset button. Sleep helps migraine sufferers return to a normal, pain-free state just as the reset button on our computers and electronic equipment helps to return to a normal state of digital operation.

When my son or
I have a migraine, falling into a deep sleep naturally resets our brains, which results in either eliminating the pain or reducing it! So, the next time you have a bad migraine give sleep a try. It may be a remedy that makes a difference, enabling you to reduce the duration of your migraine!

I noticed that my son was not able to fall into a deep sleep during a migraine until he became older. He would say that he couldn't fall asleep until it was his bedtime. He is now a pre-adolescent and has recently put himself to bed (right in the middle of the day) when he has a very bad migraine. He sleeps for 1 - 2 hours and wakes up happy, smiling and feeling great!

My husband and I almost always rub my son's head when he has a migraine. This calms him down and reduces the pain so he can fall asleep.

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