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Saturday, July 7, 2007


Sometimes my son asks me to sprinkle lavender oil on his pillow when he has a bad migraine. The smell of the oil is soothing and helps him to relax. He also has a small pillow, which is filled with lavender and can be placed on his forehead or around his neck.

Basically, we use whatever makes him comfortable when he is dealing with a bad headache. Through trial and error we have found a number of things which help control his pain. It's essential to try different remedies to see what works for you!

If you are interested in trying lavender, many pharmacies, health food stores, or even specialty bath stores sell this pleasant smelling herb.

Learn more about the importance of using natural remedies and relaxation.


Evan said...

Thank you.. I was just diagnosed with Migraines and had one for 3 weeks and nothing and I mean NOTHING was helping.. now I have medicine that I am taking to get me out of the cycle and then go from there, but your lavender oil sounds like something I might just keep around the house. Do you have any instructions on making the pillow for the neck and how you got the lavender? I can be reached through my son's blog or at Thank you for talking to!

Robin Singer said...

You can purchase lavender pillows that are already made at health food stores and natural remedy shops. The pillows are made of soft fabric filled with dry lavender.

Sometime we use lavender bath salts while bathing. It makes the water soft and the aroma is pleasant. Lavender is supposed to aid in restful sleep and also calms the body and mind.

Michelle said...

Thanks for all you are doing to educate people. I am a 3 rd generation migraine sufferer and I have 2 out of 5 of my kids who are also sufferers. I have another with chronic severe stomache pain, that has been looked at as possible stomach migraine, which I am told is common in kids who have parents with migraine. I also use heat, but we put our feet in hot water. Also we use Lavender in pretty much every form, when we have migraines as well as common air freshners/candles in our home. It really does help. Finding what works is crucial to getting thru an episode. Thanks again.

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