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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Migraine Hygiene

When we hear the word hygiene, we think of cleanliness with regard to our bodies. Migraine hygiene refers to the many steps that can be taken to avoid or cope with migraines.

As a parent of a migraineur, I found that my son was receptive to learning strategies that prevented or reduced pain; however, he refused to apply them. I think this was because it was so difficult for him to remember what he had learned when he was experiencing pain.

I believe this ability comes with maturation. Now that he is twelve he will actively drink enough water, put himself to sleep, or avoid triggers. Just as symptoms and types of migraines vary from person to person; migraine hygiene is unique to each individual.

My son must incorporate the following "rituals" in his daily life: maintaining a certain level of hydration, avoiding extreme heat, eating 3 meals plus 2 snacks every day, maintaining a consistent bed time, avoiding foods with MSG, avoiding artificial odors (candles), and reducing stress.

What steps does your child take to control his or her migraine headaches? Please share. Hopefully, this information will help other individuals who are struggling to cope with this condition.


Mrs. Pankhurst said...

I've had migraines since I was about five. Twenty years later I've learned to drink a lot of water every day, avoid fluorescent lights and certain types of air conditioning, if possible, eat regularly (especially protein), stretch often, and target specific areas of my body for exercise. I also regulate my sleep so that it stays pretty consistent and maintain a consistent amount of caffeine from day to day, drinking tea at about the same time each day. Many of my migraines are also stress induced, and it helps to think through what's going on, locate the stressor, and pray about it. Years ago I had a doctor instruct me to take an over the counter pain reliever as soon as I started feeling a migraine coming on, but I generally try to prevent them, if possible.

Anonymous said...

I suffered from migraines for many years. About 3 yrs ago I had the metal fillings removed from my teeth for cosmetic reasons and soon after that my migraines got to be less and less painful and eventually stopped altogether. Nothing else in my life changed except for that and now Im convinced that was what caused them. I did some research and found out that if the mercury from ONE filling were to be placed in a 10 acre lake, it would be enough for the EPA to shut the lake down for swimming or fishing, yet its okay to put this crap in our mouths? Dentists still tell me its safe but I will never believe that. It is not safe! I know thats what stopped my migraines, I have no doubt whatsoever. I would say to all migraine sufferers, get that crap out of your mouth if you have it in there! Its worth it.

Anonymous said...

I have been a longtime migraine sufferer. I'm sure it started around puberty. My mother also has them. We also get them from food such as MSG and have avoided the ingredient most of my life. My son is now 13 and was diagnoised when he was 3. He took a daily medication for about 6 months when he was about five or six which helped a lot. The idea behind medicine is that it would not be long term - his body would would create the seretonin that he was taking or something like that.
Anyway. he still gets them. Not too often thank goodness. His problem is he gets violently ill (His father does this with is migraine - poor kid had no chance)so you can't ignore. They are worse around a growth spurt. He takes a 64 oz cup of water to school to keep hydrated because that does make a difference and a protein snack for mid-morning.
His worse was about a six months ago and it lasted a couple of days. Had to take him the Dr. for a Imitrex prescription.

Anonymous said...

I've have migraines since I was born. I was first diagnosed when I was 4 years old. As I grew older, my migraines got worse. No medicne would prevent the migraine, and once the migraine came on in full strength I would get very sick and would not be able to see. At the end of high school I ended up in the hospital anywhere from once a month up to five times a month. This became very expensive. After college, I saw an article in a magazine that said they were doing a study with Botox and surgery. I went to see the Migraine Specialist associated with the article and they changed all my medicnes around and then started giving me the botox treatments. Once it was realized that the Botox treatments worked, I went to see the Plastic Surgeon associated with the Migraine Surgery. I had a partial facelift ( no more frowning muscles in the forehead as well as a deviated septum fixed and muscle removed from the back of my neck. I was headache and migraine free for over a year. I still get Migraines once in a while but not enough to put me out for the day. Please Visit the American Migraine Center at the website below to find out new innovations that they are finding that works.

Anonymous said...


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Mommy & Matchbox Cars said...

My son Max is 5 and cycling into migraines. He was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome at 2-1/2. His specialist says it's unusual at his age but he is textbook.

I am a sleep Nazi as sleep disruptions seem to trigger most of his episodes. Sunglasses when playing outside. Trying to avoid fasting - stressing good foods and avoiding processed foods and drinks.

As of our check up yesterday we're still avoiding daily meds with his Drs approval, which makes me happy.

sinus surgery Los Angeles said...

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